Friday, May 28, 2010

Yankton, SD

When we got to the COE campground we could only stay 2 nights. All the drive-up sites were already occupied and the reserved sites only available till Friday.
Ron had arrived just before us and Bart Soli was here. We got to meet him (a new WIN) for the first time. We went into town to see if there was someplace suitable for us to park until Monday and come back. NO! We will move to Mitchell (our next stop on the Sundowner) and stay at the Moose Lodge. We had a campfire in the evening. The bugs are bad here so won't miss leaving.

Our next day was spent mostly in NE. We returned to Plainview's Klown Museum. Bob has two shelves of his collection there and he gave them more clowns
and the hat that goes to one he previously gave.

We toured Ashfall Fossil state park. Eon's ago a mega volcano blew near present day sw ID. Ashes went clear across the continent. The ice age glacier's scraped off the ashes from 8 miles east of this point clear to the Atlantic. Within a matter of weeks the animals all died and in the 70's this site was discovered.

Had another campfire and nice visit with Ron & Bart. We are quite a group. Our MH trailer combo is 65' long. Ron's is 78' long and Bart lives in a 20' small SUV.

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