Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mitchell SD

We parked at the Moose Lodge in Mitchell for the holiday weekend. Bart arrived later in the afternoon. We worried about Ron who didn't get here until 8 PM. He had another blowout on his trailer. Our rv is 65' long, Ron's is 78' long and Bart's, well his is 20'.

We socialized inside the lodge and met the "Governor" of the lodge. It is quite a large building and they have 1200+ members. There was a wedding reception that evening so it was very loud music.

It was hot on Saturday, in the 90's so we went to the museums in town for the afternoon. Saw the Corn Palace.

We even met Cornelia. Bart liked her nice kernals.

There was a car show in town that they guys enjoyed.

Since it was hot we enjoyed a cool one.

Went to the Dakota Discovery Center also.

Back home we sat in the shade and visited for awhile before going into the lodge for a delicious beef tip dinner. During the night we had rain and a cold front came through so we finally are getting a break in the hot weather.

While in Mitchell we did a lot of geocashing. We are now over 300 finds. It gives us a lot of exercise and we see interesting things that we would have overlooked in our travels. We even joined a club and went to their rally last January in Quartzsite.

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