Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Our little house on the prairie

We continued north in SD and arrived at De Smet. It is the hometown of Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote the Little House on the Prairie books. We parked at their city park. $9 a night with electric. It is parallel parking on the street. The next street up is being repaired so we do hear heavy equipment but not at night. Bob enjoyed the slide one morning.

We said our goodbye's to Bart who has decided to head back to Yankton for his mail and then try to hitch a ride on a barge going down the Mississippi river.

We went geocasheing around town and visited the Laura Ingells Wilder homestead. The barn is in the foreground and then the house they lived in when she was a young girl.

Most lived in sod houses when they first arrived.

Some of the geocasheing was at the cemetery and we saw the graves of her family. In the evening Ron arrived. Bob had cooked a spaghetti dinner and we invited him.

We took a trip to Huron to see the murals around town. While there and on the way we stopped to geocashe. Bob is looking for one as I took the pic of the mural. This was the clever geocashe.

We looked for 20 & found 17. There were some awesome hides and Ron was real good at finding them.

We asked at the Chamber of Commerce where to eat and they recommended Manolis grocery/deli run by two Greeks. The sandwiches were delicious and Gus even joined us. Stan one of the gentlemen sitting back at the corner table also visited with us.

Other things at Huron was the pharmacy that Hubert Humphry owned.
And world's largest pheasant. The only state bird that the hunter's shoot.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Their claim to fame has been eclipsed. The pheasant along the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota is 70 feet long and 40 feet high. If you get to that area, be sure to check him and his buddies out. Here's the link to our stop there -
It's still my all-time favorite roadside attraction.