Monday, June 07, 2010

Webster, SD

Moving right along we are staying at a Chamber of Commerce campground in Webster. It is free the first night & $10 each night after that. Very near downtown for walking. Has electricity and big enough for our's and Ron's rigs. We walked across the street for a delicious Walleye dinner then walked it off by walking uptown.

Ft. Sisseton's annual festival is on this weekend. On the way there we stopped at the International Vinegar Museum. Didn't realize there were so many vinegars and we even had a vinegar tasting. The docent really got a kick out of Donna taking a swig of the Tequila Lime vinegar. That was the first time anyone had done that. One is suppose to dip a long q-tip into the glass then place it on your tongue and suck the vinegar. Whenever I did that all I tasted was the wooden q-tip. Better to swig it and she even tried it.

By the time we got to the Fort it had started to sprinkle and looked a little foreboding so we continued up to the town of Sisseton. Bob wanted to catch a glimpse of the courthouse and downtown and what do you know there was
another CAR SHOW.

On the way back home we stopped at the Waubay NWR. It was mid day and the wildlife were all hiding except for a few birds singing and a turtle sunning. Will catch it early in the morning. But the wildflower's were pretty.

This northeastern portion of SD is dotted with hundreds of glacial potholes, and lakes. There were lots of white pelicans and all the small lakes had several muskrat huts in them.

The weather improved so we went back to the Fort the next day. We browsed thru all the buildings, then the tents & vendors for the reenactors of pioneer times. They were shooting off the black powder guns, the militia was marching and the mounted civil war solder's drilled. There was also a talk by Ole Olson describing his immigration to this country in the 1850's. The Indian Taco topped off the day for Ron & Donna.

Early Monday morning we went back to the NWR and did see more wildlife. A deer, thousands of geese off in the distance. Lots of ducks and white pelicans. We toured the visitors center. Learned that in the 30's the Canadian Geese were near extinction.

Back home we had one last breakfast at the restaurant across the way. Their Scrap Pile is delicious. It was a farewell to Ron who has decided to go someplace and work on his rig. We left too and headed to Fargo. Stopped at the fairgrounds, took the car out of the trailer and headed to Sam's Club and Walmart. Bob browsed around Best Buy while I had to go check out Nordic Needle. On we went to a COE Park north of Valley City. A long day of siteseeing, shopping and relocating 223 miles away.

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Scrap Pile? I'll just have to trust you that it was better than it looks.