Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Riverfront Washburn, ND

Stayed O/N at the rest area that is also the Lewis & Clark Interpretative Center. In the morning Bob toured it (I saw it in 2004). While he was doing that I went to a clinic to have my tic bite checked as it was red. Got a script filled. Back at the rig we moved about 1 mile to the parking area for the boat ramp at Washburn, ND. What a view.
We explored town, got a geocache without our GPS's and read outside watching the river flow. Peaceful day.

Bob did a few repairs in the morning then we walked to town to see their museum. We are parked near a business and asked permission to have a delivery sent there. Our inverter that was sent back for repairs is being shipped. It's a NEW one.

We finally decided to go siteseeing. Took a long loop geocaching along the way. We even found a snake near one geocache.
Stopped for lunch and met these wonderful National Park people. Continued onto the park they work at Knife River Indian Villages.
Here is where Sacajawea was when Lewis & Clark wintered across the river from the village. Drove up to Lake Sacajawea passing these pretty bright yellow fields to the COE campground that Donna stayed in when she came here in 2004. Back home we read awhile and then dined outside overlooking the river. Wine too! If we were at a restaurant with this view and wine we would have been paying BIG BUCKS.

We toured Fort Manden (reproduction of course)

and the Overlook of the original site. (It's underwater)
There was a geocache there so we went.

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