Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Belle Fourche, Sd

We moved to the Moose Lodge early Sunday morning and then left to go to Sturgis where the VFW area posts were having a picnic.
We had been invited by the commander when we were in Custer. Had a great time and a lovely picnic.

We then geocached on our way home.

There was one near the National Cemetery and a view of Fort Meade. It is still an active fort and it was where the Buffalo Soldiers were trained. It is also famous for the push to have our national anthem adopted.
We drove through Fort Meade but there was an event going on so we didn't stop.

We went to Bear Butte State Park. The Indian's lore is the bear who clawed the rock "Devil's Tower" to get to 2 young boys came here and died.
This pretty lake is nearby and there was a geocache here along with white pelicans.

On Monday Bob worked on the batteries and I did laundry. At noon friends of ours from the Escapee Boomer's
Ken & Bea Marler came to overnight. We had a wonderful visit with them.

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