Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Just Another Gulch

Bob saw a dirt road on the map that's in the Black Hills. We drove to Beulah but couldn't find the right road. Stopped at a fuel station and asked. The name of the road was Grand Canyon Rd. The lady assured us the Grand Canyon is in AZ. DUH! And told us this was just another gulch. It was a beautiful drive and we never saw another car.
The wildflowers were beautiful.

We found some geocaches and one was at this fire tower built by the CCC in 1940-41. It was an awesome view and we ate our picnic lunch there.

More pretty places. This was one of the film sites for Dances with Wolves.

We continued on to 3 waterfalls.


and Bridal Veil.

At all 3 we found geocaches. At the last one we met 2 girls, Melisa & Polly (sorry we forgot to take their picture close up) from Sioux Falls. They wanted to know what geocaching was like. Melisa had read about it on the Internet. So we asked them along. Bob finally found it. We were on a very steep & rocky hillside. Under trees the GPS doesn't really give us accurate readings. Melisa is sitting down near the cache on the far right. Polly is standing and hidden by the Christmas tree.

We continued driving on the Spearfish Canyon road. More pretty sites.
And about 200 antique model T's were having a tour of the area.

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