Saturday, July 24, 2010

More of Belle Fourche

Our last days at Belle Fourche. Bob got new brakes & axle put on the car.

We geocached the area. This one was real treacherous so I let Bob go for it.

Took a drive down thru Sturgis to Vanocker Canyon Road for more geocaching. Saw some more old cars.
It took us to
and to.

A missile site geocache.

Loved the name of this Bar. St. Onge Bar.

An old town with sandstone buildings that are now abandoned. The right one was built in 1909 and the other a year or two later

Our last night there was a wedding reception we came across at a restaurant. and I loved how the wedding party arrived. The guys wore cowboy hats and had a pink garter on their one arm. They carried the bridesmaids by giving them a horseback ride.


Dixxe said...

That Boondockers looks like an interesting spot to stop in!! It amy 2 of them skinny cowboys to carry
Love the pink n black tho!!

Barbara and Ron said...

Did I miss something? What did you do to the axle? That must have been some wicked four-wheeling.

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

The vehicle is a 93 and it was time. We still have to get the other side done. Probably when we fly home to OH we will let a shop in Great Falls work on it.