Monday, July 26, 2010

Geocaching the Enchanted Highway

We moved back into ND.
You can see a long ways off.

When you cross the border the road changes color. Bob loves to tell of his wife reading a map when they started to travel and she wondered why the road didn't change color when they went from one state to another as it did on the map. So this ones for changed color.

We settled in at COE/City park at Dickinson, SD.
Our view. The trains run about 100' behind the rig and sound their horn.

We came here to drive the Enchanted Highway that Diana told us about. Huge sculptors along a 26 miles stretch of highway between the interstate and Regent, ND.

We never like to go the same way twice so routed us on a big loop. Checked for geocaches along the way and made a day of it.

A couple of interesting little towns along the way. It was a Sunday so everything was closed. One had pretty murals.

Since Dickinson was having a Ukrainian Festival we surmise the area was settled by them. Therefore, every town had huge Catholic Churches and we even went past a convent.

This was the former bank for the town of Lefor. These towns were very small and very far between.

One of the geocaches had a beautiful view. It was called the "View". We would never have seen this if it wasn't for caching.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Glad you enjoyed my favorite roadside attraction!