Friday, July 09, 2010

Wall Drug & the Badlands

We pulled into a truck stop, got the car out and proceeded to check for a place to park the rig that was a little more level and quiet. First off was to find the VFW. It doesn't exit even if Google Earth showed it. Next was a boondock site in the grasslands near a couple of radio towers. The gate was nailed shut and the 2 lane path didn't look inviting. Back in town we had lunch. The waitress told us of another spot to try near the football field. The sign said no overnight parking. We ended up in a Wall Drug Store parking lot for trucks.

We then drove a real long route thru the Badlands. At first the sun was too high for really good photos. Saw about 4 or 5 bison, checked out the primitive campground on the far western edge and drove on rt 44 that had lots of construction. Reentered the park on the eastern edge for the loop drive. By this time the sun was in the west and that is the way were headed so most good views were behind us. Saw these montain goats (or are they sheep). Then down the road where 3 turkey hens and a whole lot of babies.

Back home we had a new neighbor. A truck who of course had his engine running far into the early morning hours. We were a 1/2 block from the famous Drug Store so we went up there for our dinner. An ice cream cone. Then wandered in & out of the stores and shops both inside & outside of the Drug Store.
Met Joyce & Rich both in the badlands and at the Drug Store. They are from Parma where Donna's son lives.

Early the next morning we headed into the Badlands again. Went part way. Discovered the place where Bob camped in 1972 which is just a picnic area now. On our way out we went down Sage Creek Road and was rewarded with great views
and 6 mountain sheep.
We also discovered a herd of 60+ buffalo along the roadside. This large bull was off by himself near the herd.
Another herd of 100+ was far off in the distance. On our way out of the park we came across a Golden Eagle keeping a keen eye out on the prairie dogs in the area.

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