Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pierre, SD

Arrived at Griffin Park, the city park. It's along the Missiour River downstream from the dam that created the long lake we had been following for the past week. Monday was still part of the long holiday weekend and when we arrived the place was crowded with cars, people and boater's. We parked backwards so we could have the view of the river out our windshield.

By Tuesday all was quiet here in the park. We didn't do much all day. Late in the afternoon we drove across the river to Fort Pierre to geocashe and look around there. Relaxed again in the evening. Off and on showers and t-storms.

We toured the Capitol Building on a self guided tour. In other words we wandered around, got lost and took pictures. Geocached on the grounds and then in another park. We toured the Culture Center also. Very good display. In the afternoon we got the bikes out and rode the Lewis & Clark trail along the river and geocached in the various parks. Mostly got mosquito bites.

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