Monday, July 05, 2010

Mobridge, SD

We always try to be out of campgrounds over holiday weekends. As fulltime Rver's crowds of noisy "campers" arrive in mass and it's just too much for us old folks to handle. So we moved to the Moose Lodge in Mobridge, SD. Out our windshield
and dinette window

we have a beautiful view of Lake Oahe whick is created by the dam on the Missouri River. It extends from Pierre, SD clear up to Bismarch, ND. A distance of 230 miles.

The Lodge has a restaurant and we went in for a delicious steak dinner. Dancing was at 8pm but the band played oompha music and when you could polka to a "waltz" we knew it wasn't going to be a long evening.

The next day was the 4th. There was a 4pm parade
we attended and then treated ourselves to dinner at DQ. Isn't a Blizzard part of the food groups? In the evening we attended the rodeo. Great fun.
It was followed by fireworks but we didn't stay as we have been spoiled by the "Blast" in AZ.

Monday we toured Siting Bull's grave site
a monument to Sakakawea.

We toured Klein's Museum in Mobridge.
Here Bob is going into the old house which reminded both of us of our childhood homes furnishings. Outside the flowers were beautiful too.

Went to Pizza Ranch for a wonderful buffet and then at home we packed up and moved to Pierre. It's hot here so we hooked up to electric and cranked up the AC.

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