Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coalbanks Landing

The start of the WIN's Fall kayak circuit starts this year in MT. 70 miles north of Great Falls. We arrived a few days early to get away from the big city. Bob drove and when we were one mile from the campground we arrived at this underpass. We had just come 7 miles down a dirt road. He got out with a tape measure and I headed up on foot to see if this bypass would take us to the road on the other sided. It did and we got to the campground. Phew...that was scary, cause it would have been almost impossible to turn around. Jim Smith was here when we arrived.

Saturday we loaded up a bunch of geocaches and headed out to Fort Benton for siteseeing.
We stopped at Decision Point where Lewis & Clark had to decided which river to take to get to the Great Falls.

On our way home we decided to go across the Missouri, down 30 miles of dirt road thru thousand of acres of wheat fields to the free ferry
at Virgelle nearby to our campground. Back home we discovered Janet & Doug had arrived.

Sunday, Doug and Janet joined us in a geocaching adventure to Havre. Janet has a new GPS just like Donna's and it was fun teaching her how to geocache. Doug wants a new one now. We found 15 of the 16 we looked for. Stopped for lunch then headed back to camp. 10 miles out of town we remembered we forgot to fill the gas tank so we turned around. Well, if we had to go back we might as well go for a DQ fix also. Back at camp Chuck & Karen and Peter & Carolyn had arrived. We had an afternoon circle under the big cottonwood tree.

A small group of us went to Havre one more time to take the Underground tour. 100 years ago an arson fire destroyed about 4 blocks of the downtown area and the shops moved underground. Some of the businesses were there even before the fire. A saloon and brothel (note the privacy curtains) were connected to the hotel across the street via tunnels. We tried to get Jim a lady. Many of the antiques, businesses etc were elsewhere in town but moved here. It was an interesting tour. A Walmart run finished the day for the last minute things needed for the kayak trip.

Two days of preparation and a sleepless night for Donna and we were ready to hit the water.

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