Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lewistown, MT

At Lewistown we stayed at a road side rest area that is run by the Kiwanis. It allowed overnight camping. It was mid-way between the highway and the runways and I guess both are rolled up and put away at night as it was super quiet. We had our mail sent here. They both went out priority mail from the same place on the same day but Donna got her's a day earlier than Bob. Probably because of the alphabet. H comes before P.

We downloaded a bunch of geocaches in the area and took two day trips.

The first one was to the Snowy Mountains south of town. We hiked 1 3/4 miles around beautiful Crystal Lake.
Found one cache but opted not to go to one. It was a great drive. Windows down smelling the pine.
The wild flowers were pretty too.

Back near town we drove to Big Spring.
It is one of the largest freshwater springs in the world with an approximate flow of 131 cfs. It is 99.9% pure. It is the source for the water in Lewistown and it does taste good. There is a fish hatchery there too. Great trout fishing.

The next day took us to the Judith Mountains north of town. Awesome view when we got to the top of Judith Peak.

Cell and radio towers are at the top along with a 360 degree view. Looking north we could see a mountain range in Canada.
And there were lots of bluebells.

We met Corky there. He and his family came to see where he used to be based with the Air Force from 1968-70. Said the road was a lot better than. It was a good gravel road now. Paved at the top.

If it wasn't for geocaching we probably would never have even gone to these wonderful places.


Sarah said...

"If it wasn't for geocaching we probably would never have even gone to these wonderful places."

I found this bit very intriguing, and the more I read about bloggers' geocaching experiences, the more interested I become in trying it myself. Your comment on geocaching and seeing places you'd never would have gone to otherwise pretty much sealed the deal. Thank you for inadvertently supplying me with a new hobby!

Barbara and Ron said...

I agree, but I still can't get into geocaching. I don't know why. That lake is especially beautiful with the flowers.