Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to Ohio

Donna's granddaughter got married on Saturday so we flew out from Great Falls on Wednesday. Bob Magda took us to the airport and 3 plane changes later we arrived in Cleveland. Picked up a rental and stayed with Donna's son & family that night. The girls were especially glad to see "grandma & grandpa". We watched them get ready for school the next morning and then took off to Alliance. Bob had to get his annual lab work done first thing in the morning while he was still in fasting mode. Stopped at financial advisor to get more $$ after breakfast then to the Comfort Inn that became our home away from home. Short visit with Bob's brother-in-law Karl & visited with the mother of the bride and all her kids briefly before joining friends for dinner.

Bob's annual checkup was first thing the next morning and the doctor said he should keep on doing what he's doing. Guess we will. Then it was to the county fair to watch Bob's granddaughter Riley ride her horse in competition. And a short visit with Wayne & Jeri.

Back to the hotel where Donna's daughter's Tami (from Charlotte, NC) & Tracy (from Youngstown) joined us for a visit and dinner.

Saturday it was back to Salem for breakfast out with Bob's sister Penny & BIL Paul and friends Sandy & Carl Burrier.
A visit with rving friend's Gary & Audrey Wyatt. Caught a few geocaches before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

THE WEDDING was wonderful.
How's that for a cake topper?
Lots of family. Tracy's
It seemed there were LOTS of parents, step-parents and significant others to try to remember.
All of Donna's children where there along with 10 of the 11 grandchildren.

Sunday was kind of a day of rest. We geocached in the morning. Met Kay & Bob Luntz, a cousin of Donna's husband, for lunch. More caching and visiting in the afternoon followed by a picnic at Bob's old house. Dawn & Mark graciously included us in on a family get together. Dawn's parents were neighbor's of Donna's when the kids were growing up. Jim went to grade school with Donna's husband and their son Rod was a buddy of Donna's son Tom.

Monday was relaxing in the morning followed by a trip to Salem. Geocaching, visiting, eye doctor (Bob's niece is an opthamoligist). Bob's son Wayne in Rootstown invited us for dinner and a better visit since they weren't all tied up at the fairgrounds.

Tuesday, Terri came for breakfast and a short visit before we headed back up to Cleveland and Tom's. Dinner at Eddie's Creekside where Tom manages the bar. Took the grandkids to the ice cream store and got lots of play time with them.

Up at 5 am to fly back to Great Falls, MT. 12 hours later we were back home. Had to take a cab back, our car wasn't ready for pickup after a week of getting things checked & repaired. The Moose Lodge had food so didn't have to walk to a restaurant. Crashed at 8 pm. Long day but we are HOME.

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