Friday, September 03, 2010

Great Falls, MT & beyond

After a long day with a few hassles at the Kansas City airport, we arrived back in Great Falls. The car was not ready so we took a cab back to the Moose Lodge. Luckily the lodge had food and we ate there while visiting with Jeff.
Bed looked real good around 8:30 PM. Now we know what jet lag is.

Thursday & Friday were days of rest. Played on the computer most of the time. Car part didn't come in. We scrounged up enough to eat 3 meals a day but it was getting close. Car finally returned on Friday night about 8:30.

Our last day in Great Falls was a tad hectic. At 6:30am the vendors arrived for the Farmer's Market right outside our window. We went into the lodge for breakfast then we did the laundry, Sam's Club and Walmart runs. To the bank for more money as we have been spending a lot. Still had some left in there. Surprise, Surpise.

Finally left great Falls on Sunday. Bob had to replace the bulb on the trailer's left signal after dumping & adding water. Stopped at a fuel station for propane & diesel. It was a cloudy day with showers so we opted to travel I15 to Helena & head down 287.
That's snow in the distance mountain tops.

When we got about 30 miles out from Baker's Hole we stopped at a rest area for the night. It's right along the Madison River. Snow was on the mountain tops and the sun came out before sunset.
The river was misting. In the morning a bald eagle paid us a visit.

Upon getting ready to leave Bob had to heat the engine and then jump the batteries. Guess it's time to head south when it gets that cold.

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