Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Brief stay at Yellowstone

Our drive took us past this cell tower tree
and beautiful Quake Lake.

We arrived at Baker's Hole campground in West Yellowstone around 10 am on Labor Day. Donna's favorite site was open. Dry camping, long pull-thru with a beautiful view of the Madison River.

After setting up we took a drive into Yellowstone NP for a wildlife run. Wasn't disappointed. Several elk. One close to the road. A beautiful bull with a great rack.
Saw Cascade slide. That was a first.

Many buffalo stopping traffic as usual. Then off in the distance we watched
3 wolves chasing each other.

The crowds were huge. We thought that with kids back in school it would have thinned out.
So for lunch we went to the overlook. Bob's favorite spot. Off in the distance you can see the Teton's.

The campground was pretty full when we got here but on our return it was almost empty.
From the window over the couch.
Out the windshield.
Out the dinette window.

The next morning it was 27 degrees outside and 39 inside. Quick jump out of bed and a run to the heater switch up front, quick stop to turn on the propane heater and back under the feather comforter until things warmed up a little.

Bob had a list of to do's and got busy as soon as it warmed up some.

A trip to West Yellowstone. Getting mail and geocaches in town.

Our departure morning we were greeted by this beautiful rainbow.


Anonymous said...

Those wolves are actually coyotes. We saw several when we were there in August.

Barbara and Ron said...

That is quite a special camping spot. Love the double rainbow.