Thursday, September 09, 2010

On the road again...thru WY

We left West Yellowstone and headed to Flaming Gorge. It was almost 400 miles so we broke it up.

As we went thru Yellowstone it was slow going with a 25-45 mph speed limit. A couple of animal sitings and a pass to navigate.

There was rain along the way and construction where we drove 6 miles on dirt. To say our home is dirty is an understatement.

We went thru the Teton's and stopped at a rest area for lunch and a geocache.

Our goal was the half way point just north of Daniel, WY at a BLM campground called Warren Bridge.

Our rv is on the left upper side of the picture. There was a geocache we walked to after dinner. We crossed both the old
and the new bridge.
Isn't the old bridge nicer.

There was a beautiful sunset in the evening.

The great rainbow (see previous post) in the morning and this wonderful sunset in the evening plus a gorgeous view for lunch. Can life get any better.

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