Friday, September 10, 2010

The Jello Shook

Our plans are written in Jello on a hot summer day. That's our motto. We've been known to change plans in less than 3 miles going down the road.

Today's jello shaking took a wee bit longer. Bob noticed that the engine seemed to be missing. So when we arrived at Rock Springs we pulled into a Flying J to see if there was a CAT repair in RS. Yes, we could see one out the windshield from the J so we headed up there. They took us in after a 2 hour wait and another 1 1/2 hours later we departed with new fuel filters.

While we were waiting we called ahead to two friends who were at Flaming Gorge to see if there was room for us. The first one Janet said that we would have to unhitch the trailer. Something Bob doesn't like to do. The second one, Sharie said there was room but they were also having a chipmunk infestation. For every 10 they got rid of 20 more the jello shook.

We headed east on I80 then south on 789 and headed for Craig, CO. The scenery sure is different. We overnighted in an empty lot across from the police station in Bragg, WY and left early Friday morning for Craig. 42 miles down the road we parked our rig and had breakfast at the VFW, then got out the car to check on places to park. We settled in at the K-Mart.

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