Monday, September 13, 2010

Palisade, CO

Our last day in Craig was spent geocaching the area. We found around 20 caches. That evening was again spent in Kamp K-Mart watching Australia from the Red Box.

We took Rt 13 south toward the interstate caching a few times and really enjoying the beautiful scenery.
We dropped about 2500' in elevation and it was noticeably getting warmer.

We pulled into Palisade and called Lee who directed us how to get to where they are staying. It's a peach orchard that they are working and getting things ready to sell as part of her sister's estate. We came to pick up Bud & Nancy's generator they had left behind last year and were invited to park for the night.

Immediately we sat on the porch and visited with Lee & Clay. Catching up. We went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Then back at the ranch we moved the MH to where we could park and proceeded to wash it. To say it was dirty is an understatement. Just see the before & after close up.
On this shot look at the difference just behind the fuel door.

We completed all but the driver's side and the front. Then it was happy hour time.
We watched the sun's reflection off of Great Mesa as it was setting.

The next morning Donna finished the washing of the rig while Bob removed the chassis batteries and he & Clay went to town and bought new ones and made arrangement for the motorhome to go in for repairs on Tues. After the batteries were installed we all went out to lunch again. Back at the orchard we dumped, took on water and left with lots of peaches to go to the fairgrounds for a Win's gathering. We arrived just as circle was finished but they were all still there and enjoyed the two bags of peaches Donna had gleaned from the orchard in the morning.

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