Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WIN gathering at Grand Junction, Part 1

We didn't get to the fairgrounds until late afternoon on Monday just as circle was finishing up. Donna had gleaned peaches out of the orchard and the Win's enjoyed them. They had them all gone in about 20 minutes.

We didn't set up because the next morning we left at 6:30 am for an appointment at a Freightliner repair shop to have our problem resolved. They took us in at 9 am and we indeed had an injector that was bad along with a dirty air filter. We also had it serviced as our yearly service was due in November. Had dinner out with another rving couple who were waiting on a part and a young husband & wife couple who's tractor trailer lost it's transmission. Donna went to circle at the Win's encampment and made arrangements for us to go kayaking with them the next day.

31 of us went kayaking on the Colorado River for 10.8 miles thru GJ. It was swift most of the way and we had small rapids that got us soaked a couple of times. Two people spilled so there was the "rubber ducky" ceremony at circle that evening.

The next day we combined 4-wheeling with hiking. We went up thru the Colorado National Monument to Rattlesnake Canyon and the arches. It was hot so Bob and I didn't do the long hike. Instead we went to the overlook of First Arch
and had our lunch.
The road to the canyon was very rough but our refurbished car did just fine.
We took a different route home thru the Monument.
Back home we took a quick shower and rushed off to the Farmer's Market downtown. We met Janet & Doug for dinner and strolled around the market. There was free tasting, bands and entertainment. Saw a lot of the Win's there also.

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