Monday, September 27, 2010

WIN's @ Gold Bar, Moab UT

We came a day early and enjoyed a nice a quiet day. We met some Boomer's Eleanor & Bob and we had a long chat with them in the afternoon.
Sunrise at our campsite.
The Jet Boat ride goes past.

The WIN's arrived the next couple of days. It was real hot in the high 90's and we ran the gen for A/C. I stayed in and vegged. Bob did a couple of minor repairs.

Tuesday was a do nothing day for the WIN's. Bob & I decided to take a long day trip. 245 miles. We went to Goblin State Park across the Green River on the otherside of the Canyonlands.

We geocached along the way. The group had really filled in the camping area and still more arrived on Wednesday.

The Arches NP was the next day's trip. We bypassed the Visitor Center and headed straight for the hike to Delicate Arch.
It was an awesome view and we chatted with people as we went including this couple from MO. Stayed up top for awhile enjoying the cooler air and heavy winds. Storm clouds gathered and we headed down. Just after we left the parking lot it started to rain.

The rainbow showed up out our living room window.

There was a "burn your own".

Followed by "Cowboy Breakfast".
We had to dress as cowboy, cowgirls
or just plain cows to eat.

Friday was 4-wheeling.
Went up thru Long Canyon
under "Pucker Pass".
Then onto Gemini Bridges top
& bottom.
Stopped at Millie's for happy hour then out to the Moab Diner for ice cream sundae's.

We found our 700th geocache while in Moab.

There were campfires and one evening we had a dance. Bob set it up with our solar lights and music. Most preferred to sit around the fire.

We took a drive out toward the Canyonlands NP to check on where we had camped in 2006 and to geocache. This is a view of the Merrimac & Monitor where there was a cache.
Then a little further is the Island in the Sky viewpoint. BOB don't jump.
We did a 4 wheel drive on our own out Sand Flats Road to La Sal Mountain Loop, thru Castle Valley and down along the Colorado River through a red canyon. We geocached along the way. The views were awesome.
Bob even found the start of an arch.

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Dixxe said...

Wow what fun! Love the Moab area and the drive thru the canyon is my favorite-