Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Very Long Day

Brad McKay has a friend named Bill here in Cortez and he told Bob to talk with him. He told us not to miss RT 141 in Colorado. It was very scenic he said so away we went. We left at 8 am Tuesday morning. I downloaded some geocaches so we would have some out of car time also. There were lots of canyons, red rock, other types of colored rocks.
Old Driggs mansion and Thimble Rock.
A squirrel guarding this rock hut. See him on top.

We got to the top of the route and we were only 15 miles from Grand Junction. Donna's cellphone wasn't holding the charge and it was time for a new one. We had to go to a REAL Verizon store. They had a two for 1 sale so we both ended up with new phones. By the time we left the store it was around 5 pm and we still had a 5 hour trip back home. We called Lee & Clay in Palisade and they said come on over and we could spend the night in the house at the orchard. We went out to dinner with them and had a nice visit with them.

The next morning we left at 7 am. We decided to go thru
Ouray, Silverton and Durango again since the last trip a few days ago was so overcast. This time the sun was out and snow was on the mountain tops. It was a beautiful day.
At Silverton Donna found this cache.
And Bob wasn't really..

More scenery between Silverton & Durango.

At Durango we stopped at Pyramid Hot Springs to look for a cache.
EXCEPT after we left Durango we got into a hail storm. Had about 2 inches of it on the road. It was a slow trip down Mancos Hill. Got back at the motorhome at 5 pm and it hadn't even rained here altho we were under tornado watch from the storm that came thru Phoenix and Flagstaff.


Dixxe said...

Awesome photos thanks for the tip on hwy 141, my sister lives in Colorado and I dont think we've taken that one yet!

Barbara and Ron said...

That is some pretty scenery! I've never been on that road - I guess you can't take a rig, huh?

I got caught in a freak snowstorm between Cortez and Durango about 15 years ago. Scary.