Monday, October 11, 2010

Farmington, NM and the FMCA Rally

We arrived on Saturday to the Casino/Fairgrounds parking lot. There were 4 other SI rigs here. 3 of them moved into the Fairgrounds so they could get elec & water at $22 a night. We are CHEAP. It's free out here.

There was a Geocaching Event in a nearby town called 10/10/10/10 that we attended. They showed various cache containers. The water bottle and pop can were not cache containers. Saw Mike & Wendy from Cortez here. We cached, ate and visited before heading home.

Monday night Wendy & Mike arrived and parked next to us. We went out to Red Lobster with them and their friends, Betty & Terry. During conversation about Newfoundland it turns out we had met their friends at the parking lot we stored our rv in when we took the ferry to Labrador. Small world.

After our third night in the parking lot we went into the fairgrounds. We had to disconnect the trailer at a security lot then parked near the SI's. We did a loop drive to Bloomfield, caching along the way. Went to the SI's social hour then in the evening we played card bingo at the convention center.

We attended seminars, evening entertainment was a swing band and we danced. One night there was a comdian/singer who was good.

One day we attempted a 4 wheel drive but it was a bust. They drove and stopped for 1/2 hour and drove another mile and stopped again for another 1/2 hour. Inpatient Donna finally asked if this was a 4 wheel DRIVE or were we just parking and visiting, which we could have done in the casino parking lot. This pic shows 6 cars on various stages of the trail. A short while later we were back on the road and 16 of the 19 cars headed back to the casino while 3 jeeps did an "extreme" 4 wheel. We didn't have enough clearance.

We met again with Wendy, Mike, Betty & Terry for all you can eat Taco's at the casino for dinner.
It looks like it is time to head south.

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