Monday, October 18, 2010

Cottonwood Thousand Trails

10/18 We headed to warm from Farmington. 3 days of scraping frost off the windshield told us it was time to turn the key. A longer day drive than usual. 337 miles but we split the driving. Arrived around 4pm at the Thousand Trails. Parked, hooked up and rested the remainder of the day.

Monday morning bright and early Bob was up and repairing things. Got the fans working that blow on the windshield and replaced a light in the water pump switch. I cleaned the inside of the rig while he did that. For dinner we went into Cottonwood and met with Ron & Barbara who are staying on BLM toward Sedona. Delightful visit and we agreed to meet and go on a hike but rain interfered the rest of the week they were here.

Worked the next day also. While I went into town to do the usual 3 weeks worth of laundry, Bob stayed home and sanitized the fresh water holding tank and recaulked the shower stall. Looks great.

A day for rest & visiting. We went to Bob & Carol Ann's here in the park. They are Boomer's and they told us via email & the Boomer Yahoo site that they were here also. We then went to town. Visited with Barb & Ron out on the desert 1/2 way to Sedona. Storms threatened all day. We stopped for dinner at Sizzler's and as usual we met a couple arriving at the same time and we all sat together. Lona & Bob are rver's who have lived in Cottonwood for 30 years. They pumped us for answers on boondocking and where to park etc.

We have had a lot of rain while here plus cooler temperatures. Have been going to the club house in the evening to play games. Geocached one afternoon when it wasn't raining.
Continue to clean the rig. Bob did the outside bays and sprayed the seals around the slides. We are getting used to electricity too. Don't like that so much, can't wait to get back to the desert and have some views other than neighbors.

The Thousand Trails park has 19 geocaches hidden around the park. Actually rocks with TNN on one side and a code on the other. We got all 19 in just a few hours of hiking around. It earned us two movie rentals and 20% off in the store. The clerk said we were the first to do all 19 in one day.

Started to go to the Senior Center in town for our meal of the day. $3.50 for us old farts. Always a nourishing meal and visit with new people. Geocached, exercise for Donna at Curves and other errands whenever we were in town.

Our stay is beginning to sound boring but I guess every once in awhile we have to have time for R&R and maintenance.

Our last night here a WIN friend "Joel" parked next to us. A nice visit topped off by going to the concert at the clubhouse. "Hired Hands" played country music and some original topped off with songs where the lyrics where rewritten to pertain to the rver's lifestyle. Had a good time.

Before departing some balloons flew over.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Yeah, sorry we never got to hike. I've never seen such lousy weather in Sedona. Everyday we expected it to clear up and finally we just gave up and left.