Monday, November 01, 2010

Phoenix Stay

We were driving on fumes coming into Phoenix. The price for diesel at Camp Verde was $3.25 and we were at 1/4 tank so Bob took a shot of getting to Phoenix. On the northern side we found a Circle K that had it at $3.04 and we went in and filled up. Took 73.6 gals so we still had 16 gals to go and we had just reached the orange area on the gauge. Got 7 miles to the gallon. WOW. Of course, as usual a few miles down the road we found fuel for $2.99. We could have saved $3.68. But peace of mind was worth that. However, this maneuver put us into city traffic. We drove thru residential streets of Sun City because of a detour around a fatal accident. Did you see us Sally?

We pulled into the Moose Lodge at Avondale just after noon. Went into the post and they said we could stay the week. We finished a jigsaw puzzle after lunch. In the evening we drove back to the northside and shopped at Fry's Electronic Store. Funny that Bob was looking at all sorts of electronics, didn't find anything but I walked out with a non-electric/non-battery sweeper and some of those green Always Fresh containers. They really work too.

A day of relaxing. Started a new jig saw puzzle, read, got mail and weeded thru it. Bob got a new GPS for the car and it also downloads caches. Then the Geocache web site doesn't work now. Hope it's their problem and it will get fixed or we will have to enter the cords the hard way.

Out to dinner with Donna's cousin Ken and his wife Deanna at the local Applebee's.

Tuesday, Bob got on the roof and raised our solar panels for the first time this fall. He's working on an idea to have them raise without his having to go up on the roof. The geocache web site was repaired and Bob found a whole sting of them on a highway west of town. Every .30 of a mile. So away we went. Our two handhelds and the car's GPS were all programmed. We are trying out the car one. It takes us via roads to where the cache is and we no longer have to second guess which streets/roads to take as the handhelds go as the crow flies. We picked up 31 caches with about 1/2 dozen DNF's (did not find).

We went to lunch with Candy at Bob's favorite restaurant. Red Robin one day. Candy's husband Ron was in school with H&R Block so we missed him.

Our first night here our neighbor ran their generator (a real loud one) all night. Donna had a hard time sleeping. The next few nights they weren't there but on Wednesday night it was the same thing. Donna had seen a lady at the rig so went out and asked if they could turn it off. She did but moments later the husband came roaring out MFing all over the place. Turned the gen back on and went ballistic for about 10 minutes MFing us. It was frightening and we were sure he intended to harm our rig. So, we brought the slides in, jacks up and turned the key and moved to the other side of the parking lot. If you don't like the weather or the neighbors turn the key but that's the first time we've done it after 11 pm. BTW they are members of this Lodge and the Mrs. is a Senior Regent. We reported the incident to the administrator.

Bob got the solar electric elevator gadget working. We watched the amperage go from 12.4 to 16.2 as it was being lifted. He's so cleaver. See video at bottom of blog.

Geocached on Friday. We wanted to put Riley's traveling bug at a site on the northeast edge of Phoenix, near Scottsdale. It was 34 miles one way and we couldn't find it. Back across town with a stop at Fry's Electronic where this time Bob managed to find some stuff to buy. We continued west and completed the geocaches along the highway we started on Tuesday. We had a 4:30 appointment to have a soak in the El Dorado springs at Tonapah. Got lost and was 15 minutes late but they extended our time there
so we got to see the sunset.

Saturday morning bright and early Joe the Window man came to defog 11 of our windows. Bob was in the thick of things helping him. They worked from 8 am until near 3 pm. Now we can see out again. In the evening we went to the Lodge for a pig roast. Early to bed and early to rise. Off to Yuma we go.


Anonymous said...

Ah, we're just getting started with geocaching. It's great fun!

Karen said...

Hi Donna, would you privately email me the contact info for the guy who fixed your foggy windows and his charges to do it? Thanks Karn

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna

great to read of your adventures. I wondered often how your life on the road was going. Now I wonder no more.

Mariyn in Australia

ladynomad said...

We missed you by a day. Was at the Avondale Lodge on Sunday to watch nascar. We are at PIR for race week.