Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Busy week in Yuma

We came back to our favorite campground in Yuma. A piece of BLM land next door to the VFW. We are allowed two weeks here. In the first 4 hours we visited with a Win friend Jack England, who was parked nearby. Went over to the VFW for a little dancing and visiting with Dale & Nel, more Win friends. Helped Jack park his rig on Jo's lot in the foothills and went to a single's social hour/birthday party.
Phew busy day.

Early the next morning we went to RV World where we had purchased the motorhome almost 4 years ago. We needed 3 things done. Only one was completed. The generator was serviced. The Norcold refrigerator was on recall, but now they are recalling the recall so we have to go back on Friday for it. The really big job, the jack seal, needs a whole new jack and that part won't be in for 2 weeks. We will be gone by then so it won't get repaired until we come back at Christmas time. While they were doing that we drove around Yuma. Checked out prices at Super Fuels, stopped at the upholstery shop to check about getting our dinette cushion repaired, found the office for Donna's new nurse practitioner, went to the SKP park and checked out our standing on the list to get a lot. #33 soon to be #27. Lunch at the Elk's Lodge also. Picked up the RV at 4pm and back to the BLM totally tired.

The next day was more of the same. Donna's NP appointment, Bob shopping at Harbor Freight and then lunch with Ken & Bea at the Q Casino. Back home we danced a few at the VFW.

Wednesday we did a day trip to Algodones, MX. Bob got new glasses and his old frames repaired. Made appt for dental work and walked all over town looking for Donna's med. Back in Yuma we met Bob & Nancy for dinner at Mimi's. They were our tablemates on our cruise in 2005 and it has been at least 3 years since we have visited them.

Thursday it was back across the border to get Bob's glasses, our teeth cleaned and the rest of Donna's med. Across the border without any wait this time. Then Bob got his free dinner at Applebee's. Only cost us $28 but it was worth every bite.

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