Saturday, November 13, 2010

Continuing to be busy

Friday it was back to RV World. This time it was for the Norcold refrigerator recall, recall. They even had to call Norcold cause they didn't know what to do. We killed more time. Donna went to Curves, Bob went to breakfast. Went to the Arizona Flea Market and spent money. Got a call that our dinette cushions were done at the upholster's so we went and got them. Back to the rv, not ready. Went geocaching nearby. Then visited with Bea & Ken at their rv park. Finally the motorhome was done and back out to the BLM. We stayed home. We were pooped.

Saturday.....we rested. Finally set out the lawn chairs. Bob did some computer work and late afternoon decided to change the seal on the toilet. So he did do a little work today. I even got out a sweatshirt to do a little embroidery on it. Very little as my fingers just get to hurting too much.

More Win friends arrive each day. We went into the Elk's Lodge for the rib dinner and was surprised that Vet's got their meal free. We sat with Bob Hamilton and his new lady Kay. Donna and Bob H. did the Lewis & Clark trail in 2004 with the SI's.
Afterwards we went to Micky B's. We know we are "home" when we get to hear Micky play and sing while we dance.

Trips to Mexico for more dental work. Both of us to our new nurse practioner, Donna got a bone density test, Bob his lab work. Bob found time to squeeze in some work around the rig.
The Win's gathering started on Tuesday and there were 49 with still more coming. Have not been able to do their activities trying to get our personal appointments in. Wednesday afternoon we both kicked back in our lawn chairs and read.

Donna had to go back to the nurse practionier on Thursday after having a bone density test on Wednesday. It showed a shadow on her lung and she had to have a CT immediately. Believe it or not the NP called us at 5:30 pm with the great news that it was clear.

Our last day in Yuma was full. We went again to MX to get Bob's crown. Sat and waited for 2 hours after our scheduled time. Donna went to our favorite restaurant and met another Win lady there for lunch. Back across the border we geocached a few, danced at the VFW, dinner at home and more dancing in the evening at a Sox Hop at the Country Roads RV park where Bea & Ken reside. Had a great time and lots of exercise twisting the night away.

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