Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving in Maine

We left our motorhome in Bouse, AZ and drove the car to Las Vegas. Stayed overnight at a motel near the strip. We went out to dinner with Donna's friends Carl & Maryann at Sam's Town.

Left the car at the motel and took the shuttle at 4:30 am Monday to the airport. Clear sailing through security except Donna was selected to undergo the gunpowder test. Now, really doesn't she fit the profile. Mark, Bob's son picked us up at the Portland airport and dinner was ready when we walked in. A long day.

Bob went with Mark the next day to where he works. Donna stayed at home with Kayleigh who was diagnosed with Grandpaparkeranddonnaitis. It was a foggy day out so Donna was frozen even in the house. Mark brought wood home and the bean bag chairs down and she cuddled up to the fire.

Wednesday was sunny and we took Kayleigh & Matty out geocaching. We placed two travel bugs in two caches for the kids to follow. Matty's is a fire truck
and Kayleigh's is a dolphin. They had fun. Took them to lunch and Donna got her lobster (roll). Afterwards it was to a gelato place where we not only were cold on the outside but now cold on the inside. Back home we all piled into two cars and drove 2 hours to Jill's parent's home in Bedford, NH. 13 of us here for two days of eating, drinking and being merry.

Jerry & Arlene are fantastic hosts. We had a wonderful room with private bath. The kids all enjoyed playing with "grandpa's" snow village.

Thanksgiving day the turkey was cooked in the morning.

Appetizer's & beverages were served from 1pm until dinner time at 5:30. Ton's of pies & cakes, seafood, antipasto etc.

Michaela the artist/author worked hard on this project.

Friday morning we woke to an ice storm that coated the trees and outdoor fireplace. We returned to Maine late morning. Jill stopped along the way and bought 8 2# lobsters. Their friends came by and joined us for dinner.

Lazy day for us. We watched as the family put up their Christmas decorations.
Even the dog got decorated.

Jill made a wonderful batch of lobster bisque for dinner.

Kayleigh left to spend the night at her Dad's and Bob got up in the middle of the night to ride with Mark to Boston as he took Michaela to the airport to fly back to OK.

Our next long day began at 6:30 am when we packed up everything, took the kids to school and Mark to work. Out to breakfast then shopping
at L.L. Bean in Freeport. Think this canoe would make a WIN canoe?
A quick stop to see the big globe at DeLorme and then out to Cook's for our last seafood dinner.

Picked up Mark where he works, picked up the kids from school and drove to Portland for our flight home. Chicago had nasty rainy weather so flights were late arriving and thankfully late leaving as we had 30 minutes to run from one terminal to another. We arrived back at the motel after a taxi ride that took us the long way back. The shuttle wasn't working so the motel foot the $30 bill. A good night's sleep before the long drive back to Bouse was in order.

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Diana said...

The expression on the dog's face is really priceless! Glad you guys had a good trip, and I assume Donna passed the gunpowder test.