Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last days in Bouse

We are over our colds. We can do things again but we have gotten lazy. Went to Quartzsite on Monday to see the WIN's. Bob stopped at Silly Al's and got pizza. Donna's on the 3 day diet and just had to look & smell. Not many Win's there. This year they are splitting up the groups and we have a choice of 3 places to go. Think that's a bad idea. May cause clicks.

We still have happy hour everyday with our friends. We took a drive geocaching one day.
Ended up at General Patton's secret "Camp Bouse".
All over southern CA and Southwest AZ he had 100's of thousand of acres to train troops for desert combat. From near Joshua Tree, CA clear over to here. One of the people involved was a camel trainer nicknamed HI Jolly. His name sounded like that. His tomb is in Quartzsite.

On to Yuma and the WIN's Christmas gathering. Always fun.

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