Sunday, January 02, 2011

Yuma 2010, Win's Christmas & New Year's Eve

We left Bouce a day early as we really needed propane. In 5 weeks we used 26.3 gallons. The most we have ever put in. It cost us $73 and our electric cost us $34. Not bad for utilities. It would have been a lot more in a Stick & Brick.

Donna drove us to the free BLM land near the Yuma VFW. Home for the next two weeks. We went out to dinner at the Red Lobster to celebrate an anniversary. What one we don't know but ever day is a celebration for us. A beautiful sunrise.

The Win's are gathering here for the holidays. Our first circle was at 4pm on Monday afternoon. It was so good to get lots of hugs from all of our friends.

We got our mail today and in it were the books we ordered of our blog. They are wonderful and hardbound. We will get a new book every year from now on.

We had to take the MH into RV World for a new jack install. They had it all day. We drove to the SKP park and discovered our # to get a lot jumped from 42 to 26. We will probably get our lot next winter.

After 3 days of rain we were finally able to get out and about. Bob went up the Yuma Proving Grounds for a tour but the man in charge took a holiday. Donna met with a couple of gals for lunch at the Olive Garden. Then met Bob at the AZ Marketplace (a flea mkt). Dancing in the afternoon at the VFW.

Everyday there is hugs at 8:30 am, dancing at the VFW and then circle at 4pm.

On Christmas eve we had fingerfoods,
campfire & caroling. 
Christmas day we had our gift exchange where when it's our turn we select a gift, open it and can be stolen. We joined the VFW at 4pm for a ham/pot luck dinner. Ate too much. 

We got our motorhome washed and waxed and the trailer & car both were washed on Monday.

Tuesday we went to Algodones with the WIN's. We had a great time partying with the group.Bob got his haircut for $4. Looks sharp.

The next day we both went to our Nurse Practioner. Got our reports and new prescriptions. We needed to be at that end of town for the 6 PM Pizza Party
with our Boomer friends so we killed a little time geocaching between rain drops.

New Year's Eve started at the campfire with finger foods then the Wins went to the VFW. We are parked less than 100 ft from it so it was easy to come home. The patio is where the party happens.
We found a table near the wood heater and danced until 11 pm then went home.

New Years Day we went to a Chinese Buffet. It wasn't very good but we were with friends.


Jim said...

Hi Donna and Bob,

What's the website for where you had your Blog Books made?
Jim J

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

Added a link, Jim.

Barbara and Ron said...

Happy New Year, guys! I LOVE the books. I just might have to do that. Thanks for the idea.