Sunday, January 02, 2011

Martinez Lake

Moved up the road a few miles. Our time was up at the BLM land. The WIN's gather here also. This year there are 3 places they can go and we chose here as it's on the way back to Quartzsite. After dumping & taking on water we parked way off by ourselves. Didn't see any Win's here.

We took a drive thru the Imperial Valley National Wildlife Reserve.

It was a cloudy day but it still was pretty.
That evening we had a wonderful sunset.

The next day we caught up on our laundry. There was 3 washers and 1 dryer and we had 4 loads so it took us awhile. It was very cold but sunny so we sat in the car and read while we waited. Still no more WIN's so we opted to take a hike on the Painted Desert Trail after lunch.

It was sunny & cool but still a beautiful 1.3 mile hike.
Back home Rich, a WIN had arrived.  Visited for a while. He left the next day. Not enough action here.

Karen & Chuck arrived on Tuesday. We played Pegs & Jokers that evening. The next day the four of us went to the local tavern where we danced. The musician played at the VFW so we were familiar with his music. When we got back there was one more "new Win" who was parked nearby.

We left on Thursday morning and spent one night at Coyote Ridge campground in Bouse. Bob equalized the batteries while we were plugged in. We visited with Bud & Nancy and Lee & Clay then the 6 of us walked to Joe's Cafe for dinner.

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