Monday, January 10, 2011

Saguaro SKP Rally

At La Paz County Park in Parker, AZ the Saguaro SKP chapter was holding a rally. We know Don & Sharon the hosts so decided to come. As SKP's we can attend any function even if we don't belong to that particular chapter. On arrival Don greeted us and showed us where to park.

Friday's event was a Meet & Greet with heavy hors d'oeuvres. We were pleased to see old friends Becky & Lonnie. They were parked across from us. We renewed our friendship and made new ones.

Each morning at 8 AM, when it is still so cold Donna has to put on her thermals and we both wear our "critter coats", we go to Hugs 'n' Mugs 'n' Goodies. Happy hour is at 3:30 each day and it's not much warmer then.

Saturday the group caravaned to the Desert Bar. We have come here many times. It's a 5 or 6 mile drive down a dirt road to Nellie's Saloon which is an all solar establishment. There are hamburgers & hot dogs, a band to dance too. This year they added another place to purchase food and we had great grilled chicken sandwiches. The band played one song we could dance too. We were the first on the dance floor. Only one other couple joined us. We left early as the music wasn't danceable and it was cool.

Sunday the chapter had breakfast. There was pancakes and egg burritos. Bob & I had signed up to help with the cleanup afterward. In the afternoon we went to visit Dottie and Curt who live nearby. Celeste, another friend, was parked at their place. After the Happy Hour there were Minute to Winit games. Donna went home & read while Bob stayed for the door prize drawing. We went to El Sarape Mexican restaurant with Becky & Lonnie for dinner.

Monday we started out to go to Swansea ghost town & do a little geocaching. Tried to go thru Bill Williams Wildlife Preserve but after 3 miles the road dead ends. A washout that occurred in 1993 has never been repaired and there are no signs at the beginning of the road. It was a pretty drive and Lake Havasu was seen on our way out. We were too late to go to Swansea so
we went over the "Parker" Dam (is it Bob's) and into CA on the opposite side of the Colorado river from where we are parked. We stopped to visit Jerry & Robbie at their rv park. Jerry had knee replacement last Monday. We all crowded into his bedroom to visit & watch his leg go up & down on the electric exercise machine. Grabbed a few geocaches in Parker & on the way home. Happy Hour was happy today. There was a Polar Bear Party. Ice cream, root beer & liqueur were blended  into a gooooood drink. They then had a burn your own/pot luck dinner but it was very windy and cold so we opted to go home and eat.

We made it to the ghost town the next day. It was interesting and had lots of "rusty stuff".
We geocached along the way. Back home we went to happy hour and then the group went to the Blue Water Casino for the dinner buffet. We got our cards replaced, $5 free play and $3 off each of our dinners. We gambled the "free play" and Donna came home with $4.55 and Bob came home with $12. He's always the lucky one.


Laurie and Odel said...

I was interested to read about the electric exercise machine for the post-op knee rehab. Odel is getting a new knee for his birthday in March - first time we have heard of this particular item.

Thanks for the info you emailed about how your TV's are mounted. Odel LOVES the idea of the hanged frame mount - brought a lot of excitement to our TV purchase decision. We look forward to seeing it (and you) at Q.

Diana said...

Great rusty stuff - I wanna go!