Friday, January 21, 2011

Quartzsite Win's Gathering

Moved down the road 41 miles to Plomosa Road near Quartzsite. Bob did the chores involving the tanks and then drove while Donna took the car into town and stocked up on groceries.
After getting setup we had our first 4pm circle. There was no host, it was a very quiet circle. While Bob was out of earshot, Donna along with 2 others, spoke up to lead (not host) the group. Carolyn is "writing the activities on the board", Mary is "registering people" and Donna is being the "loud mouth", making announcements.

Thursday evening we went to Bouse to enjoy one of our favorite bands. LD & Joe also play in Quartzsite with Donnie as Hot Country. Millie always sings a couple of songs.

We meet every morning for Hugs & Mugs. Announcements are made and people decide what they are going to do that day. We all had to go see the camp host and register our rv's for staying on the BLM free areas for 14 days. Donna caught a ride with Gord and then walked the 2 miles back to camp for the exercise. Many Win's offered rides but she stuck with her guns and walked the whole way. Bob was trouble shooting Janet's MacBook Pro and then worked on  the TV's. We were having problems getting them to program.

Other activities we did included learning how to add POI to our GPS's. Bob taught a Geocaching class.
4 of us went out geocaching which was also a 4x4 drive. One of them was at this neat "Gnarly Tree". 

We went dancing several nights. Played cards a few times in the evening.

One day 13 kayaker's and us in our canoe paddled about 7 miles on the Colorado River.
We launched in Blythe. Later that night we went to Parker. Dinner with Curt & Dottie and their friends. Bob got his packages for the new internet system that were delivered to Dottie's.

Bob worked all day long trying to get the new internet system working. Was on the phone many times to support. After supper he got it running and WOW do we have fast internet now. Unfortunately when we shut off the power at night the internet system won't reboot without searching again and that takes a long time.

There was a Burn Ur Own party at the Somewhere bar in Bouse one night. 50 of us cooked our own steaks. Several others ate meals and the place was packed.
Our favorite band and Millie was there.

Jack substituted for Matt as Millie's guy.

The Win's had an ice cream social for all the singles in the area on Thursday. It was successful despite the wind.

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