Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quartzsite's Boomerville

We left the WIN's after Hugs on Friday and moved 15 miles away to Boomerville. The Boomer's are a chapter of the Escapee club. We usually don't like to come here with the motorhome as it's about 1 1/2 mile down a dirt road but this year the road had been graded and that was an improvement. Donna drove ahead in the car and spotted a parking space for our large rig and directed Bob to it as he took it much slower. Our's is the first one on the right in the middle of the "Y". With the purple highlight.

Our neighbor flies this every morning and he lands right outside our windshield. What a view we have.

There are Happy Hours every afternoon at 4 with snacks. Announcement are made as what the choices of things to do are. We stayed around all day Saturday reading and waiting for a man to come to help with the Internet. He didn't come.

Saturday evening we joined the WIN's at the Yacht Club for dancing and to celebrate Judy's birthday.
Some sad news was that Paula's motorhome had burned to the ground that night.  She lost everything but her computer.

Sunday we went to the WIN's where there was a tribute to Pete Bonine. He has helped so many through the years and we could speak to him and thank him. Randy our WIN poet read his tribute to Pete. Following that they had a hot dog and pot luck lunch. After we left we went to the Big Tent for the rv show. We bought LED lights for the bedroom ceiling spots.

Monday early morning we took the motorhome to the LTVA (long term) area and parked next to the man who adjusted the new internet system for Bob. Back to Boomerville we hitched back to the trailer and setup. Doreen & Richard stopped by to look at our Blog books. We then went to town and met Audry & Gary from our hometown for lunch. We brought them back to our place and had a wonderful visit with them.

Linda Wheeler came by for a visit on Tuesday. The Boomer's had a chili cookoff at 2pm and everybody brought dishes to go with it and we had quiet a feed.

We needed exercise on Wednesday. There was "Boomer South" cache located 1 mile across the desert from where we are parked. No way to get to it except by hiking up & down through several washes. When we got there our neighbors Denise & Jerry where there. We took each other's pictures and hiked back. Went 4 wheeling to a couple of stone cabins. Jerry gave us cords to find caches at each one. We really loved the "Rock House"   A neat TV that
get's Dish network

and Victoria's Secret.

A pretty view of Quartzsite framed by the mountains we see out our windshield. Do you see our rig? :)

In the evening we invited Jerry & Denise over to learn Pegs & Joker's. Lonnie & Becky joined us. At happy hour there was a skit "what I would be if I wasn't an RV boomer". Funny, there was one guy pretending to be a TSA officer feeling the ladies up like he was doing an airport body search.

We went to Plomosa Road to check on how many were there on Friday. Took a  side trip to Bouse and got our mail. Visited with Bud & Nancy then stopped to see Joel & Claudia. They invited us for lunch. He made a delicious tortilla soup. Played Pegs & Joker's with Denise, Jerry, Kay & Tom played Pegs & Jokers in the evening.

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