Thursday, February 03, 2011

Quartzsite's SKP GeocachE BOF Rally

We moved back to Plomosa Rd on Saturday. Found us a nice spot looking out on the desert and away from the highway. Monday the Escapees Geocache BOF (birds of a feather) group will be holding their 2nd annual rally. We have been asked to help as there isn't a "host" this year. Went to Silly Al's in the evening for the Boomer's fairwell party. 

Announcements every morning and happy hour every afteroon. Geocaching everday. There was a new series along our road and toward Bouse that we cached one day.

We took a newbie out with us one day and he was pretty good by the time we taught him. He had to use Bob's GPS as he hadn't even bought one yet.

Is this a Red Hatter. 

Jerry & Denise were here also. We cached and played Pegs & Joker's with them. We will be crossing paths with them this spring & summer so we are glad we have made new friends.

"Z" Circle was held one night. We were hosts and 3 times turning the evening 6-7 people came to our rig and we got to know one another. The first group brought snacks that remained here for the others to have all evening. 

The weather turned bitter cold and Donna dug out the long john's. We had to wash 29 days of laundry one day especially since Bob didn't have any long pants but dress ones.

We cached with Jerry & Denise one day and Jerry had to climb this tree. 

See his legs?  Bob's pointing to him.

We have hummingbird feeders and it was awesome today to see around 20 of them flying around and fighting. 

 We went to Parker today. Bob wanted to see the cars that will race on Saturday.  
Donna needed a Walmart fix and a prescription refill.

On the way we decided to geocache. (What else). This find was called Yuma Micro. Micro's are usually about the size of your pinkie finger. You can see our GPS laying on the end of it so it is a TAD larger.


Diana said...

The reason you have so many hummingbirds is that they have been staving to death since Phil and I left!

And WOW, you"re a host again! I think you're too easy...

Denise Siegel said...

The Red Hatter is cute. What can you tell me about him. Is he a cache?