Friday, March 25, 2011

Heading North

Said our goodbyes to Joan, Denise & Jerry and started our summer travels. Landed at Bob's Moose Lodge in Goodyear, AZ on the SW side of Phoenix for the night. Took out the car and headed to the north side of Phoenix to meet a friend of Donna's who took her entire stash of embroidery supplies. She can no longer stitch because of arthritis in her fingers. It was hard to do.... Stopped for dinner on the way home at Buca's. A really neat Itailan restaurant.
Back home we went to the Lodge for a bit.

On Wednesday we walked to a geocache 1/4 mile away then drove around Phoenix & north to Cottonwood where we settled into the Thousand Trails. Got the same spot we had last time. Crashed for the rest of the day.

Thursday morning Donna went to Curves, Bob read then it was get gas, get mail, get breakfast & get 10 geocaches. In the afternoon Bob emptied out the car.

Friday we left at 6 am stopped at Pine for breakfast  and met Bud and his buddies at H&B's restaurant.
Along the way we encountered SNOW! 

Continued our drive of 160+ miles to Showlow to get the rest of Pete's tools. While Bob loaded the car, Donna visited with Carol Berry. We took a different route back. Up to Holbrook, across to Flagstaff & back to Cottonwood. Over 200 miles but faster. The side winds were horrendous but we had a successful trip.

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Denise Siegel said...

...and I thought all the wind never left Yuma! :) Jerry & I miss you two already! Enjoy your travels and we will find you again someday. {Hugs} Denise & Jerry Siegel