Monday, March 21, 2011

Desert Camping Continues

Joan, Jerry & Denise all stayed on as did another couple who were here with the Roadrunners Charlie & Dawn. Joan & Donna went to Curves first thing in the morning. Bob went along and read then we went to the SKP Kofa park. Our chairs had been taken there from the "tent". We found we are now number 16 on "the list". We took our water pump to RV Connections as instructed by Shur-flo and they gave us a new one under warrenty. Ran a couple of other errands then off to Olive Garden for lunch. On the way home we decided to go to Algondones for a quick trip for more Agavero. Our favorite Tequila. Wrong time to do it. There was a "Farewell to the Snowbirds" Party with free marquarita's, beer, tacos, music etc. To say there was a crowd was an understatement. We had to wait in the custom's line for 1 1/2 hour. But we visited with other people and had a good time. Back home we had happy hour in our MH. All seven of us had a great afternoon sampling various crackers, cheese, dips, trail mixes etc. And, of course, the Agavero.

On Sunday Bob made the door for Joan using some of Pete's tools. Then mounted her TV on it. We were going to go geocaching with Jerry & Denise in the afternoon but the wind was howling. So much so all the rv's parked here left except for us 3. We decided to take a run into Sam's Club and Denise went along with us. We took the back way out and found two caches that Denise knew about. Since we didn't have our GPS's along we used her Droid & what she remembered. Back home we had our happy hour without snacks and later in the evening we played Pegs & Jokers.

 The desert is blooming and this was beautiful. Called Feather Duster.
We don't know the name of this one. 

Monday was windy again but we decided to go geocaching and Jerry & Denise went with us. We took the dirt road across the highway from us and headed to the Colorado River 
at Picacho State Park. It was an awesome trip that took us 4 hours to get to. Found 16 or so caches along the way.  Jerry climbed up to the high ones.

Stopped at Lute's Casino in Oldtown Yuma for dinner. Back home we played cards & called it an early night. Our last night here.

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