Friday, March 18, 2011


We pulled onto Ogliby Road and drove 13 miles north of the Interstate. Found a piece of the desert to park on and visited with Denise & Jerry. Great getting together with them again. An informal Happy Hour with part of the Escapees Chapter 7 got us aquainted with some new people. In the evening Jerry & Denise came over and we played Pegs & Jokers.

After a very quiet night's sleep Bob got up early to help put up the pavilion tent.  

  This is the wagon they bring with all the equipment.  

In the afternoon we went to Yuma Lakes area where Pete's rig is. All has been cleaned out and our singles group was there to take what ever they could use before the rest was taken to a thrift store. We stopped at Famous Daves for dinner as we missed the pot luck dinner back at the SKP gathering.

The group on Wednesday was feed a french toast & sausage breakfast complete with Mimosas.  Happy hours were in the tent.

Then they had the car rodeo where the driver is blindfolded and the navigator gives directions. We did ok, had fun.

The evening meal was corned beef & cabbage after a happy hour. Followed by music
 and a fantastic sunset.

Early the next morning Donna had a doctor's appointment with an orthopedic doctor for the hip pain. It took almost 3 hours. Waited, the xrays weren't there, ran to get them, waited some more. Finally 2 hours after the scheduled appoint she saw the doctor & got the shot. Diagnosis...bursitis, doesn't need a new hip. Back to exercising. Even if there isn't any Curves nearby. Back home, lunch & reading. After Happy Hour we had a pulled pork dinner with the SKP's followed by the CARE auction. The bidding is steep. We donated items but didn't bid.

Joan Albright joined us here for a few days. She was with us on our New Mexico trip last summer and wants to touch base with us in our travels this next summer. Friday the tent was removed and most everybody left. We are staying on for four days with Denise, Jerry & Joan.

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