Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Casino Camping

We moved all of 7 miles today but it took us an hour to do it. Before we left the fairgrounds we did the utility thingy. Dump & water and then headed to Superfuels. There was long line to get the cheapest fuel prices in town. We had not filled since Jan 4 and took over 60 gals. The mileage was only 5 mpg but that's a lot of generator use in the two months we'd dried camped.

When we got here Wendy & Mike were here and we settled nearby then Cool Judy & Luke came in. We decided to stay near Old Town as there is a Lettuce Festival this weekend. The 6 of us went to the Q for their fabulous Seafood Buffet. No diet this week....

The next day we lazed around all morning after the breakfast buffet at the casino. Off to the Lettuce Festival which was a big disappointment for us.
There were belly dancers.   The food carvering was pretty.

Lots of vendors selling everything from food to fake paintings. 

The bus tour to the fields were sold out & that's what we really wanted to do. After getting some veggies at the Food Bank sale we ran a few errands then came home. It reached 91 degrees today. We think it's time to head north!

One more day of doing errands and catching up on chores. Bob repaired a table for Pete. He is getting settled into an assisted living facility in the Foothills area. We did our 3 weeks of laundry also. Then went dancing at the VFW with friends.

We finished up errands on Monday and prepared to move to CA and join the Escapee Chapter 7 Roadrunners for their spring gathering. On the way out of the parking lot Bob had to swing wide and a truck coming into the parking lot didn't wait for Bob to make the turn. As Bob completed the turn he side swiped the truck causing damage to it's door.

 and a little damage to our trailer. 
But all is well that ends well and we found a little corner of the desert to nestle down on for a few days or weeks. 

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