Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Wild & Crazy Week

We got all settled in on the National Forest land just outside the Thousand Trails Park. We settled in for lunch and Donna's toothache kicked in big time. Decided to head back to Yuma so she could go to our dentist in Algodones, MX. Packed up and headed there. Stopped for an overnight at Gila Bend at our Elk's Lodge. Didn't want to drive into the setting sun.

Early the next morning we headed the 111 miles to the BLM/VFW and after setting up we headed for the border. We waited about 35 minutes for the dentist to arrive. The couple who where ahead of us saw how much pain she was in and graciously told her to take her first. 5 minutes later the pain was gone thanks to the novocaine. She then had two root canals & a new bridge made. After 3 hours in the dental chair standing for 45 minutes at the border was a breeze except for when the novocaine wore off.

Friday was Bob's birthday. That didn't stop him from getting up on the roof & rewiring the solar panels in series. Considering it was cloudy it did make a difference. Then the rain came. Nelda & Fiddling Freddie stopped by to visit. There are 3 other Wins here. We also saw Jack England when we got back from Algodones on Thursday, so guess not everyone has taken off. We got a call from June down at the SKP park and we are now number 13 so it looks like we will get our lot next winter for sure. It rained all afternoon and we read our books and played with the computers. In the evening Donna was feeling better and took Bob to Applebee's for his birthday dinner. The waiters came and did their birthday song and presented him with a dessert. 

While in Cottonwood Donna found out she had to return to Florida to get driver's license renewed. She made reservations to fly out of Phoenix as we were nearby. After the move to Yuma Bob had to drive her 3 1/2 hours back to Phoenix for the flight. While Donna was gathering up the papers we discovered the car insurance had lapsed on Feb. 11. We had to borrow Joey's car so Bob could drive her to her cousin Ken & Deanna's home in Glendale on Sunday.

Monday morning they drove her to the airport for her flight to Orlando. Dallas Eberth picked her up at the airport. He was easy to spot and he had his 35' motorhome with car in tow. She stayed with him for two nights. After setting up in his RV park they went to dinner at the Elk's Lodge then out to visit Ken & Bea who were staying at the Moose Lodge on Merritt Island. Met John & Cathy Robnick. The visit was short as the mosquito's were hungry.

Tuesday they both went to get there licenses renewed. Took all of 45 minutes. After lunch Dallas drove up the coast and they went to the beach for a picture op and Donna's toe dip in the Atlantic. Back at the  motorhome Dallas cooked salmon patties. (See are allowed in the kitchen).   

In the evening they played bingo 
at the Elk's Lodge with his friends. Didn't win.

Wednesday afternoon Dallas drove Donna back to Orlando's airport for a late afternoon flight. Ken & Deanna picked her up and she spent the night again.

Donna helped Deanna with her huge 5000 piece jig saw puzzle while waiting for Bob to pick her up the next morning then it was back home.
We went out with our neighbors Gorden & Laura Borncamp for dinner at a new Thai restaurant in Yuma. Glad that week is over. Now maybe back to normal.


Barbara and Ron said...

Gosh, Donna, you're such a jet setter. glad everything work out.

Nancy1340 said...

Donna, Glad you got your dental problems straightned out. Could you share you contact information with your dentist in Algodones, MX? I'm gonna have to have the root thingy done soon. BooHoo.

Thanks and safe travels

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

Dental Americano
Gabriela Gonzales
US phone # 760-550-2550
#4 Between "A" Ave and 3rd St.

Nancy1340 said...

Thanks B&D!