Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hotter than Hot

 Our little patch of desert. 

Bob is still hard at work organizing the trailer. We had moved things from the trailer into the motorhome when we had planned on storing it for our summer travels. Now we have decided to take it with us so we had to rearrange things a second time. Donna did most of that while Bob sweated it out in the trailer. The temperature rose into the high 90's & even 100 degrees. Can only work in the morning then by noon it's siesta time, sitting in the shade & reading. One day Bob brought in several tool boxes filled with things & Donna sorted them and eliminated several boxes.

Sunday saw the WIN's still in the area gathering at the VFW for an early Happy Hour. $2 Bloody Mary's. It was great visiting, laughing and seeing our friends. Back home it was 95 in & out. Donna convinced Bob to turn on the generator and the air conditioner. Love that man.

Monday was another hot and busy day. While Bob stayed home & worked on the trailer stuff again, Donna went to Mexico on a drug run for a friend. Stopped in town for fuel, mail, bill paying & checking on the part we are having shipped in to RV World (not in). Back home it was so hot Bob couldn't work any more so we took off on more errands, banking, shopping and trying to visit Pete but he was out. Anything so we could be in the air conditioned car & air conditioned stores, air conditioned restaurant etc.

We rested most of Tuesday. Donna went to Curves early. Just before lunch time we visited Pete Bonine. Bob had to tell him all about the tools and what has been happening getting them all sorted etc.
 We had some good laughs recalling our times with him. Especially the wonderful Green River trip. To our WIN friends if your ears were ringing we were talking about you. We then went to RV World & eureka the part was in. Back at the motorhome Bob worked for about an hour to get it to function. The directions were incorrect and it worked after he did his own thing. Now we can have heat & A/C when we want it. Joey called us just at dinner time and there was a late Happy Hour. Pete & Winona and Winona's daughter came. Joey & Heidi, of course, and Jack England came. Barbara a new WIN also came. As with all WIN gatherings we laughed ourselves silly and had a great time. It was sad to say goodby but we are heading out. We don't want to be the last snowbird in town.

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