Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where to next?

April 21st. Planned on leaving Parker and head west into California. Looked at the weather & the price of diesel and shook the Jello. Ended up on our favorite campsite at Boulder Beach on Lake Mead near Boulder City, NV and Las Vegas. Decision made on departure. Comfortable temperature, pretty flowering oleanders. The only draw back is it is Easter weekend and the park is full of screaming kids. You would think that they are little & their voices would be little but they have to SCREAM. Hard to even read a book.

Through the Internet we discovered that some WIN's & Boomer's were staying at the Thousand Trails Park in Las Vegas. We made arrangements to meet them. Saw old friends George & Ron and met new friends Sharon & Ron. We went to Boulder Casino for a late lunch, early dinner with Sharon & Ron then back to the clubhouse to play Pegs & Jokers. Quiet and cool day. No kids and air conditioning. Donna won $10 at the slots for only a couple of pulls.

Bob did some work on our honey do list  and installed a new TV antenae.

It was a bit quieter the next day as 11am was checkout time at the campground. In the afternoon we went to Carl & Maryann's for Easter dinner. Toasted with champagne, polished off a bottle of Thirsty Owl Diamonds and had a great dinner and visit.

Kept busy by meeting Billie at Southpoint Casino for a movie the next day. Saw Source Code then Rich joined us for early dinner at Steak & Shake. Billie is going to get us tickets for some

Back down to LV for Senior Day at The Orleans. $4 movie...saw Water the Elephant then met Ron & Sharon for late lunch at the buffet. 2 for 1 $9. A nice afternoon for less than $20. Cost Bob $20 at the slots but Donna came away a couple of bucks ahead.

Wednesday we went to Fremont St. We picked up Ron & Sharon, then met Billie at the ticket counter. She gave us free tickets to the Gordie Brown show. Went to it after a bit to eat. Too say is was a LOUD Show is a definite understatement. Bob & I sat with our finger's in our ears most of the time. When the show was over we caught the Light Show. 

After running errands in LV in the morning we sat outside visiting with Ron & Sharon, followed by Taco night at the Elk's lodge.

Friday was a day of rest and stayed home all day except for Donna to go get her mail. We reupped for another week here. Nice weather so why move.

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