Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Nice weather, Stayed longer

We reupped for another week here at Boulder Beach. The weather is just perfect and it isn't that great further north. We lazed around and read. Donna's hip is bothering her again. Bob did a few chores. He bolted down the solar panels. Tied down the cable for the new TV antenna. And remounted the Wilson antenna onto a modified crank up antenna. He even put up the wind generator since we are getting so much wind. Between the wind gen & the solar we are topping off our batteries and still using a lot of energy. We are also enjoying the beautiful oleander bushes in the park. 

We attended the Spring Jamboree in Boulder City. Bob took in the car show.  

Donna attended her own car show. 

We wondered if we could fulltime with this outfit.

We broke down and did the laundry after almost a month. It was that or go buy more clothes.

On Senior Day (Tues) we went into Thousand Trails and visited a couple of hours with our friends Nick & Terry from the gypsyjournal. Stopped by and visited Dan Deveau, a Win we spotted at a park just south of TT then met Ron & Sharon for a $3 movie at Sam's Town. With the ticket stub we got a buy one entree get the other one free at TGI Friday's. Delicious meal & great conversations.

Our last day in Boulder City we again met Carl & Maryann for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town. Toto's. 
We caught a couple of geocaches before meeting them. One was very difficult & it took us over 1/2 hour, 2 phone calls for help from a friend who had found it and picking up a whole lot of trash while doing it.

Then we went into Las Vegas for one last Fry's Electronic fix. Since they didn't have the new I Pad 2 we had to go to the Apple Store neary by.
  Bob bought a new IPad 2 and he is giving me his old one. Got to LOVE that man. We stopped at Sam's Club & Walmart for things we will need until we get to a big city again. Found Tom & Barbara Westerfield in the campground next door. Then we put the lounge chairs in the shade and read the rest of the afternoon.

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