Saturday, May 07, 2011

ET & Friends

We left hot Las Vegas & headed north on 93 through eastern Nevada. Our plan was to met up with Jerry & Denise. We met them in Quartzite this year and really have established a good friendship with them.
We  met at a rest area near the ET (Extra Terrestrial) Highway and headed toward Rachel looking for a place to camp. Our Day's End listing mentioned one on Groom Road near Area 51. We pulled down the dirt road & the site was marked "Do Not Disturb Restoration in progress". Since we had to turn around by backing in we decided to stay overnight anyway. This is BLM. It belongs to us taxpayers. It does not need vegation for drainage prevention and there are signs of cattle usage so why not people usage. At least we don't S..t on it. Ok, off the soapbox Donna.

We sat out on the shady side and had beautiful views of the mountains and a nice breeze to keep cool.


The next day we downloaded a bunch of geocaches between here and Rachel and went and found them.
On the way we watched "real" cowboys herding cattle. 

While the guys would walk thru the desert for a cache, Denise & I admired the flowers. 


 We had lunch at the A'le'Inn. Enjoyed the decor. 
 Found the geocache on the bottom shelf. 

Met new friends, Sandi & Richard. They passed us in their RV while we were caching and had stopped for an overnight at Rachel. They are Floridians also but fulltime rver's.

We drove down the road to the gate at Area 51 for a photo op the waitress had told us about. All the signs say NO Photography but Bob took one out of the window while we were facing away from the gate. 

Back home we rested, visited and played Pegs & Joker's. Since there hasn't been anyone by to kick us off this piece of land we are staying on.

Lots more geocaches in the area but not as many as there used to be as the 800+ ET highway caches were pulled because NV DOT said it was too dangerous. There was one on every reflector post a tenth of a mile apart for 98 miles. People came from around the world to Power Cache this highway. Business completely fell off for the few local businesses in the area. It has been appealed by the businesses and it will be reestablished by September we are told. In the meantime there are still a lot of them further off the roads.

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