Thursday, May 12, 2011


We enjoyed what we are doing so we extended our stay. The weather further north wasn't co-operating.

 Bob was being attacked by an alein.

 There are still lots of caches to do with our friends. We found 25 one day, 35 another.

 This was our 1111

Most of the caches have been placed by "NVTRIKER" that we were finding so we emailed him that we were in the area and Dave Bianes came by for a visit. 

He showed us his collection of geocoins & pathtags. 

He has 252 caches hidden in this county. He told us of interesting places to go & caches to pick up.

After he left we were hit with rain & hail and when that cleared out we headed 25 miles northwest to the little village of Rachal, NV. We have been here twice before this week to eat at the A'Le'Inn and now we
are parked in the field next door. Just after we arrived Area 51 sent a jet out to scare us with the loudest
sonic boom we've ever heard. It shook us big time.

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