Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th Bah Humbug

Our campsite near Tonopah. 

We watched this huge extra wide & long load go by our campsite with several police escorting and 4 or 5 trucks pushing the load. 

The Bah Humbug part started in the morning when Janet came by to tell us we had a flat tire on the car. As we were planning on touring Tonopah and geocache around town Bob went out and fixed the flat.  We had a visitor in the morning. An antelope. 

We then drove into town. Just us. Denise & Jerry had decided to move on toward Hawthorne. Since Bob had not been into town, we went and checked out the fuel station where we were going for the cheapest fuel in town. Going from one end to the other, Bob says "Well I've seen all I want to see of this place, let's move on with Denise & Jerry. Janet had pulled out and had gone for fuel and we told her we were leaving also.

Back home we quickly packed up and followed Denise & Jerry to get fuel and head out. We all met at the rest area west of town and proceeded down the highway. Bob couldn't see them so we pulled out 40 miles down the road. Got a phone call saying Janet had a flat tire. J&D drove past us. Texted us and came back to help Bob go back to assist Janet.

Bad news for Janet. It wasn't just a flat. She had lost her drive train & that caused the flat. To make a long story short she was going to be towed into Hawthorne then onto Reno for repairs.

We started caravanning again with J&D and 10 miles down the road the Pressure Pro alarms and we have the second flat of the day. Jerry helps Bob change it out along the roadside.

We again head out to Hawthorne....Road construction & delays. Along with HEAVY winds made a 111 mile drive at least 5+ hours.

Parked at the casino in town and immediately went for dinner.

Check out the ham slice on Jerry's plate. It was good so the day ended well even tho we lost a total of $6 gambling.


Diana said...

I try not to do anything on Friday the 13th...

Earl and Linda said...

Donna, your picture of the "antelope" is actually a Pronghorn. Pronghorn and true antelopes belong to different families.