Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sportsman's Beach

Just before we went to bed on Friday night, Janet was towed into the casino.

The next morning we drove up to check the BLM camping areas just north of Hawthorne along Walker Lake. We liked Sportsman's Beach area. It is developed and has picnic tables, awnings, and lot smoother roads. So we moved 16 miles up the road from the casino.  We left Janet behind but she has been in contact with someone who can repair her rig.

Denise & Jerry were already there and saved us a site. (they were the only campers there). Just after we arrived our friend Joan Albright arrived to travel with us. We are parked in a row. Jerry & Denise are in the next site and Joan is a couple more sites ahead of them.

We were playing Pegs & Joker's with Denise & Jerry when the winds started. We had to bring in the slides and we rocked and rolled all night. Bob had to shut off the wind generator in the middle of the night as the winds were to strong, we had gusts of 65 mph. Around 3pm we were finally able to open the slides again. It made for tight living so we mostly read. We visited with Joan in the morning and Janet came by to visit in the afternoon.
We had two days of winds & sprinkles. But we managed to stay comfortable. We are waiting for the weather to warm up further north. May stay here for 2 weeks. Pretty place and we are in no hurry to burn fuel. We woke after a night of rain to see snow on the mountain tops. By the time I got my camera going the ones nearby had melted but off in the distance is Hawthorne  and the snow seems to be
creeping down toward it. Better leave Janet and come out here by us.  

We drove to Fallon one day to get 2 tires and a wheel. Now we will have 2 spare tires for the trailer. When we bought them 14 months ago they didn't have the E side walls we needed so expect more to go.

We have been doing a little geocaching in the area. Each day we count how many windmill blades go by. We saw 6 in one convoy. Haven't discovered yet where they are headed. But we sure have been making energy at this location.

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