Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad weather = doing nothing

We are waiting out the colder weather north of here before moving on. But we aren't complaining. It's a beautiful, peaceful spot to be. Occasional rain, sometimes very windy and cool.

We've done a little geocaching. One is right here in the park. It is a multiple consisting of 5 parts. We started at the top where there is a sign indicating how high the water in the lake was in 1882 and continues down the hill. The final cache is just a very short walk from our campsite but we couldn't find it. We went into Hawthorne and found some also.  We got our 1300th find here at the Museum.
We even visited with the owner of the cache near our campsite. Harold & Laura look very familiar to us. They winter at Yuma also and went to the "Yuma Event" so we may have seen them there.

The town of Hawthorne had a celebration for Armed Forces Day.  Even the Govenor of the state & a Senator came. There was the Traveling Wall, fireworks, vendors, art show and a big parade. 

We looked numerous times for the cache near our campsite. Even had help with 2 other couples searching. We surmised that a nearby pack rat may have stolen the cache. Jerry & Bob both had dug around the nesting material but couldn't find it. We invited Harold & Laura out and they came with a replacement cache. When we got to the cache site there laying on the ground out in the open were 2 caches that Harold had placed there. I guess the rat was sick of us disturbing his nest. We placed the cache in a spot away from the rat's nest. We had a lovely visit with all of us cachers for a couple of hours.  Left to right is Laura, Harold, Jerry, Bob, Denise, Robert & Diane. Joan stopped by after the picture was taken.

Bob always wanted his picture take with shorts on, relaxing with a snow topped mountian in the background. So here it is. 

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tami said...

Love the last picture with the rig and the snow capped mountain! Beautiful!