Sunday, May 29, 2011

Same old, same old but loving it

We are continuing our stay here at Sportsman Beach. The weather has mellowed somewhat. We had to run the heater so much we were running short on propane. We cannot install an extended stay with the way our motorhome is designed so we unhitched the trailer and drove into Hawthorne for propane. While there we might as well do the tanks. Janet had checked out the prices for propane and we made a 1pm appointment to get it. Janet has been sprung from the repair shop and she is so happy to be parked out by us. Within a half hour of her arrival she was kayaking the lake.

We took Denise & Jerry and we went to the other side of the lake for some interesting geocacheing. Saw an old boat  that was used in the 1800's to catch carp which were then shipped by railroad to LA and San Francisco to feed the Chinese. There was a cache up on top of a sand dune
  and we were being sand blasted while there.

We also stopped at these petroglyphs for a cache. 
There was another cache up a canyon the guys went for

while Denise & I enjoyed the sun on the canyon.

Wednesday was to be a very windy day with gusts in the 60-100 mph range. We brought the slides in & took down the wind generator. Headed into town to do the laundry. It was real nasty when we left town but the winds never did get as strong as predicted. Joan, Jerry & Denise moved their rigs down to the group area where it is was more sheltered but Janet stayed up top with us. We even sat out a little.

Had to go to town to get Bob's mail with his meds in it & we saw a familiar motorhome. I called Al Mayer & asked him where he was. It was him. Told him where we were parked & he shook his jello and decided to come out by us instead of going to Fallon. We had a nice happy hour. Later in the evening another friend, Doug Hubbard, joined our little enclave.

5 of us decided to go the to Mule Days parade in Bishop, CA on Saturday. There were a bunch of Win's staying near there and we met up with them. The parade was awesome. No motorized vehicles allowed. Everything was horse or mule drawn. Marching bands 
and the highlight was the Borax 20 Mule Team.

A neat fire wagon.  The US Mail stagecoach.

A mule dressed as Uncle Sam. 

Of course, we had to go to Schat's Bakkery for lunch. Strolled around the vendors at the park and then headed to the fairgrounds for more vendors. We decided not to do the mule events at the arena. So sat and visited with people.

   Took another way home. 270 mile day with friends. Can life get better?

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